Anamfal Foundation Profile

Become International Quran Foundation for
build peace, prosperity, and world civilization with Qur'an

1. Making the world 90% able to read the Qur'an, which started from Indonesia

2. Conduct cooperation with Islamic or Qur'an institutions from regional, national, and international levels for the eradication of the Qur'an

3. The movement of the Indonesian people to obey the Qur'an at least once a month

4. Conducting a program to increase understanding and practice of Al-Qur'an

5. Making the Qur'an a friend of the community

6. Encourage the economic independence of the people inspired by the Qur'an

7. Train youth character building to prepare world leaders

8. Encourage literacy civilization (reading and writing) and public scholarship and publishing it

9. The creation of peace and harmonious relations of the Muslim world with the Qur'an

10. The creation of world peace by referring to Kalimatun Sawa (meeting point)

11. Encouraging Indonesian Muslims to contribute globally in the field of education of the Qur'an (Pesantren).

Anamfal Foundation Profile

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